GRP Flat Roof

Stage 1:

Existing roofs are stripped of all roof coverings back to the original rafters. The rafters are cleaned off and the condition of timbers inspected for rot or decay. Insulation is added at this stage.

Stage 2:

A new plywood decking is laid, (the roof must now be kept completely dry) and pre-formed fibreglass edge trims are installed to all walls and abutments.

Stage 3:

Lead flashings and coping stones are applied where necessary.

Stage 4:

The fibreglass system is installed fully bonded to the new roof decking, edge trims and any leadwork etc.

Stage 5:

The topcoat is now applied and fully bonded to the fibreglass to leave a clean and smooth finish.

Stage 6:

The finished product. By being applied cold in liquid form, the fibreglass system can be used safely for the most complex of applications.